The best partner for
professional mobility

Piaggio Group Corporate Business was established in 2004 to provide mobility solutions to Institutional Customers,Government Administrations and other key Customers by offering products, special equipment packages, service programmes and contract formulas in relation to specific needs. The goal is to identify and develop the best available solutions in the area of a direct and exclusive relationship, using all of the Piaggio Group's business experience and research and development.

Corporate Business is able to provide a complete range of two/three wheel vehicles (scooters and motorcycles) both in factory version and with specific equipment packages. There are numerous and personalised equipment packages available in order to meet the needs of the widest range of users (e.g. Police Forces, Postal Services, Home Delivery services,...).

Design, safety, personalisation and innovation are the winning factors of our offer: we also offer electric drives which allow our vehicles to be used even in restricted traffic areas.